What Are The Different Aluminum Extrusions Profiles?

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Aircraft extrusions are aluminum pieces that are heated up and either pulled or pushed through a die. In the process, the metal forms a shape featuring sharp corners. The malleability and lightweight nature of aluminum make it suitable for many applications that require complex or hollow metal shapes, including applications in the defense and aerospace industries.

What Are the Different Aluminum Extrusions Profiles?

It’s possible to produce a wide range of intricate aluminum extrusion profile types at various thicknesses. These profiles may feature a range of complex void spaces to meet the needs of the end product. Based on performance weight requirements and the needs of automation applications, many types of internal voids are available. 

Some of the most common types of aluminum extrusion profiles are:

  • L-shaped. These profiles feature the shape of an “L” with the metal bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • U-channel. U-shaped channels provide a reliable option for a variety of applications, including protective covers, rims, railing, and brackets, among many others.
  • I-beam. I-shaped extrusions are standard aluminum extrusion profiles for use in ceiling and floor joists. They’re available in a variety of shape and size configurations, including traditional I-beams and uneven or tapered iterations.
  • Triangular. Many applications use triangle-shaped aluminum extrusions, often for their aesthetic appearance. Some popular applications include cabinets and cupboards, along with railing for aluminum staircases. Triangular extrusions with solid interiors increase their weight and strength ratios.
  • Single Radius. This profile features a curved back, along with two straight surfaces that together form a quarter-circle. They’re available in solid, hollow, or semi-solid forms to meet application requirements.
  • Hollow Beam. This extrusion profile is simply a variation of the square profile. It features a hollow interior that makes it both durable and lightweight. Door and window fabrication applications often use these profiles.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aluminum Extrusions

If you require aluminum extrusion profiles for your application, New Source offers custom creation solutions to help meet your unique needs. 

If we don’t have the specific part or aluminum extrusion you require, we will work directly with our manufacturing partnerships to custom-design and build one for you. Whether you need a custom part or component for one project or custom die extrusion production that uses aerospace metals, we’ll work closely with you to understand and meet your individual requirements. 

We’re able to form extruded aluminum into a variety of shapes, including solid, hollow, or semi-hollow extrusions. Some have compared our reliable aluminum extrusion molding system to a cake decoration kit, wherein the tube’s star-shaped tip produces frosting of the same shape and the flower tip produces a flower-shaped pattern. Extrusion processes work similarly. Using a variety of dies and hydraulic presses, extrusion systems form many types of standard and custom shapes to fit each application’s specifications.

High-Quality Aluminum Extrusions for Aerospace Applications

Our customers in the aerospace industry require some of the best aluminum extrusions available to meet their applications’ requirements. To meet these needs, we offer superior quality across our aluminum aerospace extrusions with multiple certifications and partnerships to back our services. 

As proof of our commitment to quality, we boast ISO 9001, AS9100, and EN/AS9120 certifications, which shows that we have achieved the highest level of quality management via consistent compliance with the industry’s quality standards and practices. Additionally, we are a Qualified Supplier for Bulk Metals with the Defense Logistics Agency, following quality assurance procedures to meet all standards for raw materials and more.

To learn more about New Source’s aluminum aerospace extrusion capabilities, contact us today. To get started on your next project with us, request a quote.

April 20, 2022

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