Managed Processing Capabilities & Services for Aerospace Grade Aluminum and Aerospace Metals

As a quality-first company, we proudly offer vendor-managed inventory, secondary processing, and more value-added services primarily for our aerospace grade aluminum products and aerospace metals.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

When you’re purchasing for a large contract spanning several years, you need to make sure that products will be available on time, exactly when you need them. At New Source, we’re proud to partner with major players in the defense and aviation industries to service these contracts through vendor-managed inventory.

With vendor-managed inventory, we house and manage large volumes of aerospace grade aluminum stock for you, meaning we can package and ship them out exactly when you need them from one of our bicoastal warehouses. No extra time for manufacturing required, saving you many headaches down the road.

Managed Processing Capabilities

We work with experienced manufacturers to provide solutions for additional processing services to suit your needs, including:

  • Heat Treatment

    Aluminum heat treatment increases the strength and hardness of heat-treatable alloys including aerospace grade aluminum products by placing it in a specialized oven per specification requirements.

  • Machining

    Get your metals processed with precision. Our industry partners cut, mill, punch, or shape your metal to deliver the end pieces you need based on the durability and malleability of the alloy.

  • Materials Testing

    Ensure your aerospace grade aluminum and other metal products meet performance standards by sending us a sample of your chosen metal for physical and chemical testing performed by our trusted vendors.

  • Precision Grinding Saw

    State-of-the-art precision grinding saws can shave your alloy sheet or plate down to your required specification to meet your exact needs.

  • Cutting

    Get your metal bars cut to specific custom lengths with a cut-to-length service that meets your exact design needs without having to go elsewhere for finishing.

  • Shearing

    Your sheet metal can be brought to the exact dimensions through precision shearing, including trimming excess metal while avoiding jagged edges and buckling.

  • Trepanning

    Custom tubes for aerospace grade aluminum and other metal designs are engineered using precise trepanning equipment to drill through metal bars without destroying the removed material.

  • Waterjet Cutting

    Intricate design work like notches and holes is completed to your exact specifications through waterjet cutting, delivering custom parts while maintaining tight tolerances.

Our Value-Added Services

  • Cut-to-Size Optimization

    Using the latest equipment, we can cut your aerospace grade aluminum and other metals to precise sizes to fit your particular design, upholding the highest quality standards.

  • Just-in-Time Delivery

    Need your metals quickly? No problem. We maintain an extensive inventory of aerospace metal parts to fulfill Just-In-Time (JIT) orders without disrupting your production or delivery schedules.

  • Value Pricing

    Our aerospace metal pricing is one of the most competitive in the industry. Our first priority is the customer, which is why we work hard to offer value-based pricing that fits your budget.

  • Demand & Forecast Integration

    We know the specialty metals market inside and out, which means we’re well versed at integrating demand and supply planning. This way, we’re poised to meet your metal needs before you even know you have them.

  • Risk Mitigation

    We’re top-rated for quality because we believe in mitigating risks. We don’t take risks when it comes to the safety or quality of our products because we understand that falling short can endanger the very lives they were designed to protect.

  • Stocking Programs

    We offer several stocking programs and can customize them to your project demands. We manage inventory, produce and manage custom pieces, and more. Our goal is to provide you with all the solutions you need.


We’re here to help you find what you need. Contact us with any questions or to request a quote.

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