Do You Have The Metal – MRO and AOG

Aerospace Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers have a big problem in that they have no ability to forecast raw material metals demand for items such as Aluminum Extrusions until after they perform their maintenance service checks.  And, if the there is a critical unforeseen issue resulting in an “Aircraft on The Ground” (AOG) situation the MRO service provider has precious time measured in days or lost flight hours to get the Aluminum Extrusion or other metals component required in their hands so they can get that air vehicle back up in flight ready condition.

Most MRO and AOG service providers are not stocking a wide variety of Aluminum Extrusions or other metals, and with unforeseen or unforecastable demand for Aluminum Extrusions the question is asked daily of MRO service providers, Do You Have the Metal?

A great response would be, “No we don’t’, but we can call New Source Corporation.  They offer great service and they stock Aerospace Extrusions specifically for MRO and AOG requirements and they can get the metal to us quickly”.

New Source Corporation has the metal!  As a true stocking distributor of high quality U.S. produced Aluminum Extrusions and other Aerospace metals such as Titanium, or Inconel in product forms such as rod, bar, pipe, tube, sheet, and plate, we have been in the Aerospace metals service center distribution business over 25 years providing professional high-performance delivery of Aluminum Extrusions and other Aerospace metals for MRO and AOG service providers.

MRO and AOG service providers don’t have to ask themselves if they have the metal.  They place an email ( or a phone call (407-977-8488) to their New Source Corporation sales professional because New Source Corporation “Has the Metal”.