Meet The Team: Spencer Knouse

New Source would not be in the position it is today without Sales Manager Spencer Knouse.

James Barron Sr., who helped his wife Antonia start New Source Corporation in 1992, hired Knouse 14 years ago as a part-time Warehouse Employee of New Source Corporation. Though Knouse did not know then, he was joining a company that he would soon help to reach new heights.

New Source Corporation grew quickly and Knouse’s part-time job soon became a full-time position. Within two years he was promoted to Warehouse Manager, in keeping with New Source Corporation’s belief that promoting internally improves customer service and support by ensuring that each Employee has a strong understanding of the industry as well as New Source Corporation’s capabilities and processes. Eventually, Knouse advanced to Office Assistant, learning functions like accounting and invoicing as well as skills such as sales and customer relationship management.

One day, the Barrons gave him a 10-year-old encyclopedia with a couple of thousand companies listed. “They said, ‘You are now in sales. Go find us something,’” Knouse said. And he did. Once he made his first sale, “that set the fire and drive in me,” Knouse said.

That success drove Knouse to make many more sales over the ensuing years, helping New Source Corporation grow from five employees at a single location to a business with 25 employees spread between two locations, in Fullerton, Calif. and Orlando, Fla. The company has posted eight consecutive years of revenue growth with him as sales manager.

“That speaks volumes,” Vice President Jamie Barron said of the continuous expansion of New Source Corporation. The growth is perhaps even more remarkable given the other duties that Knouse performs, Barron said.

In addition to leading sales efforts, Knouse also oversees training for new employees and will even pitch in to help in the warehouse if needed. “There’s no such thing as, ‘that’s not my job,’ for him,” Barron said.

Anyone dealing with New Source Corporation has most likely crossed paths or spoken to Knouse by now. While Knouse assists in the growth of New Source Corporation, he has also grown within the company.

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the industry, business, and life in general,” Knouse said. “I’ve grown with the business on a personal level and a professional level.”

Knouse is now an integral part of New Source Corporation, which he calls “our company” because the Barron family makes everyone feel like they are part of its success. “I see our company growing, getting more people, and getting more business,” Knouse said.

Every Employee at New Source Corporation can attest that Knouse is the first one in the office and the last one to leave. The example that Knouse sets pushes everyone to perform at their highest level possible. The sky is the limit with Knouse and he is excited to see what other areas of growth he can bring to New Source Corporation.

October 13, 2021

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