Meet the Team: Margaret Anzziani

Meet the Team: Margaret Anzziani, she is applying her knowledge in aerospace material in a new way.Margaret Anzziani has learned much in almost four years at New Source Corporation, and now she’s applying her knowledge in a new way. Long an advocate for customers and fellow employees, Anzziani recently became New Source Corporation’s newest Sales Representative as the company is currently expanding its sales team.

“She’s a hustler,” said Jamie Barron, Vice President of New Source Corporation. “She has a go-getter personality and we knew that she would do well when we added a sales position to accommodate our growth as a Company.”

Barron’s prediction quickly proved to be right when Anzziani started fast as a Sales Representative, including by closing four orders in one day within her first week of starting.

“She has hit the ground running and is focused on providing her Customers with incredible attention to detail,” Barron said.

Helping customers

Anzziani wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’ve learned how to take care of the customer. If they ask for material, I can offer them what we have in stock or provide Lead Times depending on their needs,” she said.

New Source Corporation cares about every customer, but each Sales Representative is responsible for particular accounts. Anzziani spent her first few weeks meeting customers and establishing how she could help.

“They have worked with our sales reps for many years, so I’ve been working on building off of those relationships. I want them to see me as New Source sees me: as someone that can be helpful and fulfill their needs,” Anzziani said.

Moving up

Anzziani has steadily worked her way up to being a Sales Representative since joining New Source Corporation as an Administrative Assistant. She began doing paperwork and processing orders and then moved up to Sales Assistant, a position in which she helped fulfill and expedite orders. “I learned so much about Aerospace materials and became interested in going into sales myself,” she said.

When New Source Corporation opened up the new Sales position, she was the obvious choice.

“I’m very proud that I started in admin, but they saw that I could do more and that I could increase my knowledge about whatever they wanted to teach me, like about the industry and working with the customer. I’ve been reading about the materials we sell, what vendors we use, and what types of customers we have,” Anzziani said.

She also appreciates the chance to work as a team. “It’s an environment where we help each other out and suggest ideas, like how to do something differently or approach a customer in a better way. People help you grow and succeed,” Anzziani said.

Anzziani helps others just as she has been helped. For example, she has helped the new Sales Assistant learn the position that she previously held.

New Source Corporation’s Marketing Director and Customer Relations Manager Stephanie Barron said of Anzziani: “Whenever there is even a five-minute lag in her emails, she jumps in and helps the Company, regardless of the Department.”

Ever the go-getter, Anzziani keeps going.

If you are a customer of Anzziani or would like to contact another Sales Representative at New Source Corporation, please request a quote online or call us at 1-407-977-8488.




April 3, 2023

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