Meet the Team: Jason Miller

Jason Miller has been improving quality at New Source Corporation for 15 years. Beginning as an entry-level worker and the second employee in the corporation’s California office, he has risen to become Quality Manager responsible for aerospace parts company-wide.

“I like the variety in what I do,” says Miller, who does everything from processing purchase orders to loading materials with forklifts to checking shipments on their way out.

Miller joined New Source Corporation in 2007 as a shipping clerk in the company’s then-warehouse in Huntington Beach, California. He helped organize the inventory and shelving system still used at the company today. He also worked on many multi-skid orders going to Special Operations Forces in KY.

Warehouse Manager was the next logical title for him, as he oversaw expansion into an additional building during the company’s Huntington Beach days. When it was time to relocate to the current building in Fullerton, California, he designed the layout for shelf racking and extrusion storage. With 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling, the company laid out shelving to most efficiently store and access product while avoiding a giant roof-support pillar.

“I eventually learned I was the technically savvy one of the group,” Miller says. “I have been providing technical support in many capacities throughout my work at New Source.

“Through proposed upgrades to our website at that time (circa 2009), I became the Webmaster for the company webpage. In overhauling our site, we got our small company to the first page of Google results for aircraft extrusions.”

New Source Corporation Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Barron credits Miller with establishing the company’s online presence. “He had so many great things to add and that’s not even his focus. He helps every part of the company.”

Miller eventually became Quality Manager after gaining experience as a shipping clerk, webmaster, and warehouse manager. “It was probably because I was a known mistake-catcher and very experienced in test report and designer drawing interpretation. I worked to raise quality levels and quality scores with customers across the board,” Miller says.

When the California staff expanded, Miller began participating in New Source Corporation’s ISO9000 audits, through which he learned much from James Barron Sr., who began the company with his wife Antonia.

“A few years of observing the man at work during third-party management inspections, and I was set up to complete some on my own,” Miller says. “As far as I have witnessed during the history of this type of inspection, we have had zero findings. If this holds true, it would be quite a run and accomplishment.”

Working at New Source Corporation

Miller has gotten as much from New Source Corporation as he has given. “Due to the variety of material that exists and different processing that can occur, there is always something to learn,” he says.

“The edict of Continual Improvement permeates the industry, driving change in a positive direction over time and creating learning experiences along the way. Working close to government and military agencies comes with certain requirements. It is nice to be on the leading edge of procedures that other companies or industries may not see for a while.”

Miller is particularly proud to support a nation’s objectives, whether it be Special Forces, Army, Air Force, or aerospace use. He has personally handled material that has supported many defense programs for government prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and many others.

“My fingerprints could be in orbit for all I know. I would say we have a more interesting clientele than the average job,” Miller says.

Making an Impact

New Source Corporation and its clients have benefited from Miller’s technical expertise and problem-solving skills. “There’s no way we would be where we are without Jason,” says Jamie Barron, Vice President of New Source Corporation.

As Warehouse Manager, for example, Miller kept tight controls on inventory and his assistance has not stopped.

“Jason is always finding things that could be more efficient,” Barron says. “I get lots of emails from him with suggestions or ways to prevent future mistakes from happening.”

Defense contractors as a whole have benefited from Miller’s enduring quest for continual improvement. Miller has even worked closely with various customers suggesting improvements to their own procedures and processes.

“Some things are like a puzzle and it’s nice to have a company that helps you solve them,” Miller says. “But I could say I did not initially choose this line of work.”

Miller started his career at a jewelry company but joined New Source Corporation after his former employer outsourced his department, moved everything to Texas, and laid everyone off.

“It may be a coincidence that my father before me was in the aerospace industry, designing autopilots for Boeing and working on various projects with Honeywell. But I say that to say, what I enjoy most about this job may be that while I am in a family business I am also in my own.”

Even as Quality Manager, he continues to help across the company.

Jamie Barron says, “We appreciate everything he’s done for us.”

May 2, 2022

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