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F 35 update and debut

F 35 update and debut

Remember those wonderful, best technology, most innovative F 35 jets, we talked about in the blog “?” Well, when those beautiful jets jumped off the design pages and into reality, only 100 were made for testing before they would be debuted for the world at the end of July, but as most new technologies go, could there some bugs to work out?

How are the test flights going?

welding manAs usual, all test flights are done in pieces and parts. They start off with the simplest of things: turning on the electronics, checking for proper movements of the external parts of the plane, turning on the engine, testing the engine’s power to move the plane in small increments, and so on. So many penis enlargement things happen before any new design literally takes off. Well, unfortunately at the beginning of July, as one of the final tests where in an F 35 was going down the runway, the engine mysteriously caught fire. The pilot escaped unharmed, but, of course, now there were questions as to the stability of the engine.

What is being done to test the engine?

jet engineJust as described before, engineers from the engines designer, Lockheed Martin, and Whitney, start small and work their way to the more complex functions within the engine itself. Roughly a week ago, they concluded there was nothing wrong with the design, but still added a few improvements, so the new engines replaced the current engines in the remaining 98 planes. (One F 35 was lost prior to this incident.) With all the data showing the engines within the F 35’s were ready to go, the government tentatively allowed final testing of them to resume.

It’s been a week, how is the F 35 progressing and will it make it to its debut?

With the new engines, there have been no more problems during the tentative F 35 test flights, so the government removed any restrictions on their test flights. Not only does it seem that the F 35 is back in action, but it seems confidence has been restored just in the nick of time. The government said they would allow four of the planes to make it to their exhibition overseas within 48 hours of the air showexhibition. This air show is where the F 35 can show the world what it can do, and it is estimated that 3000 or more will be purchased from various countries. As for the original engines, engineers still cannot find a flaw in any of them but they are happy to have been given the chance to further improve their design to prevent future fires and add a little more of the best technology.

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