Employee Spotlight: Bianca Mendez

Regardless of how challenging an order is or how stressful a day may be, Contract Administrator Bianca Mendez’s years of experience allow her to problem solve with ease. She keeps shipments on track and pitches in to assist her colleagues wherever she can be of service.

“It can be challenging but it also is rewarding when we meet customer needs,” Mendez said. “I enjoy working as a team to overcome challenges and I’ve grown close with my colleagues. We work hard to get our work done but we also have fun.”

Not only does Mendez look forward to supporting customers and seeing co-workers each day, but she also seeks new learning opportunities. Previously in the hospitality industry, she has learned much about aviation and aerospace metals since joining New Source Corporation four years ago as an Administrative Assistant.

“New Source Corporation took a chance on me beginning in a new industry and it’s been a good fit. I’ve continued to learn,” she said.

Mendez’s dedication to learning did not go unnoticed as she was promoted from Admin to Sales Assistant to Contract Administrator,now working on some of the largest contracts at New Source Corporation. She has come to know the company so well through her time in her various roles that she is often the first person co-workers turn to for help.

“She’s grown so much with the company that she’s the go-to person in the office. She has the answers and explains them well,” said Stephanie Barron, New Source Corporation’s Marketing Director and Customer Relations Manager.

Indeed, Mendez is sometimes so inundated with questions from co-workers that Jamie Barron, Vice President of New Source Corporation, tells them to let her get back to her work. Mendez is a big help for Jamie Barron in particular as she assists him on many of his Long-Term Agreements with End Users.

“I trust her to work on them. I know she will handle everything in a detailed manner so that there will not be issues,” he said.

She manages purchase orders, inventory and due dates for major customer projects, such as the M1 Abrams tank, F-16 fighter jet, and C-130 cargo plane for Defense Contractors. Large binders filled with information on various projects line the shelves of Barron’s office.

Mendez’s meticulous attention to detail is key to ensuring that customers receive parts on time. Even with long lead times on some materials, she keeps customers informed and planning ahead so that they can work with Jamie Barron to order materials far enough out to avoid project delays.

She also efficiently processes complex purchase orders that may have hundreds of items, each with different deliveries and specifications. “It’s a fast pace but I like that,” she said.

Mendez has also liked learning about the aluminum extruded products and numerous other materials that New Source Corporation supplies to customers and the variety of projects that it supports.

“I’ve seen the office grow and the orders that we receive increase,” she said. “I look forward to seeing how much more we’ll grow.”

And as the company grows, Mendez will be there to support customers and co-workers along the way.

August 15, 2023

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