Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Standard Aluminum Shapes such as rod, bar, hex, pipe and Tube are produced in substantial quantity and readily available in a wide variety of alloys and tempers from metals distribution companies such as New Source Corporation.  However, most of the finished machined parts and items produced rarely resemble the Aluminum standard starting stock shapes.  And, the difference between the Aluminum starting stock and finished machined part usually equates to a growing pile of aluminum chips around your machine, and the hours and cost in terms of machine availability time tied up making your customer’s parts.  So, what are the options available to lower your Aluminum pounds purchased, reduce your generation of unusable scrap chips, and give back some of those precious machine hours thereby increasing your productivity?  The answer could be to give New Source Corporation a call and let them work with you to provide a Custom Extrusion to replace the standard extruded shape you currently use.  Custom Extrusions can be produced in many different alloys, tempers, profiles, dimensions, and tolerances that are built right into the raw material to offer the machinist a reduction in the pounds ordered, reduce the machine time per piece, and it generates less scrap chips when the parts are complete.  If your machining a large quantity of parts, call New Source Corporation (407) 977-8488 and let the available staff of metal professionals help you review your next upcoming Aluminum machined part to see if a Custom Extrusion can save you time and money!