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Can old metal be a new source for art?

Can old metal be a new source for art?

old-farm-equipmentWe talk an awful lot about the newest, best and brightest, but what about the good, old-fashioned, hard-working machines that are still going long after their expiration date? We at New Source Corp are here for them as well, when the parts start breaking and the pieces need to be put back together, you can call us for any metal you need. Eventually, sad as it is, that awesome machine just can’t be put back together again no matter how hard you try, so now what do you do with it? Well surely you’ve heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so give that machine another purpose in art!

How is an old machine going to become art?

An artist named John Lopez from South Dakota is taking every kind of metal you can imagine and using it to create sculptures! He’s not altering it, he’s not melting it down, he usually doesn’t even bend it from the looks of his pieces, he simply sees how the parts from all kinds of machines will fit together to build full models of all kinds of animals, creatures, and even people. Sometimes he uses a model and other times he just uses the idea in his mind, but either way he starts with the simplest of frames, almost like a stick figure, and builds off of it piece by piece. Welding strange shapes together like

  • pitchforkthe cover on a small lawn mower fan motor
  • several pieces of silverware
  • two huge shovels, a pitch fork
  • a few rather large exhaust pipes

These, along with several other pieces of metal from unknown origins, make just a few parts of the head and neck of a full figure stallion. Staring at one of his sculptures is almost like an old kids’ game where you see an amazing sculpture, then look close and try to figure out what individual objects you can find in the collage.

What happens to these sculptures once he has made them?

John Lopez is by no means a starving artist. He is constantly creating new beautiful works of art upon request, not just to sell. Just in South Dakota alone he has

  • horseseveral stallion horses
  • a grizzly
  • a man riding a triceratops
  • a T-rex

He was even asked to create a depiction of a man fighting a bear to represent Hugh Glass, a story about a man barely surviving a bear attack. Word has spread all over the country so now he has

  • tyrannosaurus-rex4 sculptures in a New Hampshire museum
  • one sculpture in Kentucky
  • a long horn buffalo in Texas
  • a T-Rex built to scale in the Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not museum in California

He just finished creating a historical sculpture of a man riding a horse where he had to create a clay mold of the man’s head to be bronzed, stepping a little outside of his norm, before creating the rest of the sculpture as he always would: giving old metal new life.



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