New alloys for Aerospace Aluminum Extrusions are available at New Source Corporation!

When Charles Martin Hall invented the modern process for inexpensively producing Aluminum in 1886 he reduced the cost of production and made the lightweight metal relatively easy to produce which opened the door for Aluminum to achieve widespread use thought the world in several industries including the aerospace industry, which is one of the largest users of Aluminum extruded products.

There have been many Aerospace Aluminum extrusion produced from alloys that were created between 1886 and the WWII time-frame that became standards of the Aluminum Aerospace industry such as 6061, 2024, and 7075.

However, in the last decade many different Aluminum mill producers have created new versions of the “standard alloys” and/or created new alloys that have significantly expanded the strength, corrosion resistance, modulus, temperature resistance, and ease of machining for Aircraft Aluminum extrusion compared to historical standard alloys.

Unless you are an industry insider or you have access to technical support from an Aerospace Aluminum extrusion producing mill, finding out what the latest aluminum alloy is, or perhaps gaining information to evaluate, compare, and determine what aluminum alloy is best suited for your end use can be a challenge.

New Source Corporation is uniquely positioned with strong relationships and access to the technical communities of many leading U.S. Aerospace Aluminum Extrusion production mills and we can help provide advanced Aerospace Aluminum Extrusion solutions beyond what is usually found at run of the mill distributors.

If you need Aluminum extrusions that require higher strength, perhaps you can look at 2395, 7055, 7068, 7085, or 7255 alloys.  If you need higher corrosion resistance, then looking at the family of Aluminum Lithium alloy extrusions such as 2099 may work best for you.  And, if you require better machinability, there are a number of alloy, temper, and custom shape options that can provide you with a near net “A” rated extruded shape thus allowing for better speeds and feeds so you can save machining time and lower your manufacturing piece parts cost.

The bottom line is, call your New Source Corporation professional today and discover how what’s new in Aerospace extrusion technology can be better for you!  Contact us at