The Paris Airshow is not like typical airshows around us like the Thunderbirds airshow in Pensacola to celebrate Independence day. It is not just showing off aircraft already in use that most of the general public rarely see. It is actually for the aerospace industry itself. Each aircraft making company gets the opportunity to bring their newest creations to the market all at the same time to be viewed and bought or ordered. The Paris Air Show was this past week and there were many amazing sights to be seen. New aircraft were unveiled. Some were flown some were ordered, but all were awe inspiring. Boeing, Airbus, and Lockheed Martin were definitely a select few of the stars of the show.

What made Boeing stand out at the Paris Air Show this year?

Boeing brought forth the 797 and the 737 MAX. The 797 is a smaller, improved commercial plane made of carbon fiber that can carry more passengers based on its size in comparison to its predecessors, the 787 and 777. It can also be made much cheaper. The 737 MAX was discussed 4 years ago in the blog “The new recycling: New metals, new engines, with old planes” and even then it was compared to the A320neo, when they were just prototypes. Now they are ready for the assembly line, and it’s a good thing, the MAX was the most ordered plane at the show. American airlines, for example, did not make their orders public, but with a fleet that has Airbus A33o and A320, it would make sense for them to order the new 797 and 737 since they do not have them already in their fleet.

What made Airbus stand out at the Paris Air Show this year?

Airbus unveiled its own new planes called the A330neo and A320neo, but unfortunately they received only half of the orders that Boeing did. Speculators suggest that the difference is based on Airbus’s plane being an upgrade with improvements to an already existing plane that did not impress as much as the fully reimagined MAX or the new 797. However, there is no real way to determine the differences between the orders. Each company can have their own reasons and none of them are making those reasons public knowledge.

What made Lockheed Martin stand out at the Paris Air Show this year?

We have been watching the improvements to the F35 since 2013. We discussed improvements to the F35 in the blog “New Source Corp wasn’t needed to improve the F135 engines for the F35” and the helmets that were created for the pilots because of the advancements in technology in the blog “F35 update and debut“. Well Lockheed didn’t stop there. Lockheed Martin did not just unveil its improvements to the F35, it flew its new F35 for a full demonstration. Barrel rolls, loops, and roll-out stunts were very precisely controlled maneuvers. So precise in fact that in a moment the plane shifted, while vertical and then up-side-down, at perfect angles. Viewer responses vary from unbelievable to awestruck, even in different languages, but they all agree that the plane’s ability to slow down to almost a stall before taking off vertically was incredible. Needless to say, Lockheed Martin received many orders.

What were the results of the Paris Air Show?

In addition to the unveilings and the demonstrations, the Paris Airshow appears to be similar to a convention with classes, presentations, and meetings with the movers and shakers in the industry that makes anything that can travel through the air and the governments around the world. They don’t exactly give full descriptions for these classes, presentations, and meetings, but they have explained that the orders are not final. Several year ago, one of the companies placed an order that is still in progress because the buyer is having difficulties making a final decision. After the show is over, and the companies go back and re-evaluate their circumstances versus the orders they have made, then everything can change.

From Everyone at New Source Corp: Have a Safe and Fun Independence Day Celebration!